🌊🌊 The Ice Bucket Challenge 🌊🌊

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🌊🌊 The Ice Bucket Challenge 🌊🌊

This water was FREEZING!

Hi Everyone;)

I wanted to share the story behind my Ice bucket challenge with you all. When I had decided to do the Ice bucket challenge, I was working on a television project so I couldn’t do it right away.

When the time came for me to do the challenge, I wanted to go above and beyond since there were already so many videos out there. In this video, I had a total of 6 buckets of ice water poured on me and I got sprayed with the hose and then one more unexpected special bonus that even I did not see coming at the end. LOL. All I have to say is that this water was FREEZING! I had instant brain freeze as if I had chugged 20 slurppies all at once. It was shocking.

I hope you can see what a good sport I tried to be during the whole thing. I was really grateful and happy that I could help spread the word out there for ALS. I had done some modeling in my past and I think it helped, since it can get cold outside and as a model you need to pretend that the weather is perfect at all times no matter what. 😉

After having so much cold water dumped on me, I went inside and took the hottest shower ever. LOL! After that you could call me “Fraulein Fahrenheit” LOL! I suppose it would be unsafe to do a video where they pour buckets of really hot water on people, even though I would be really good at it. LOL LOL!

Hope you enjoy the Video!

P.S. – Even though the Ice bucket challenge is over, you should still donate to find a cure for Lou Gehrigs disease!


Darcy  💦💦💦


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