😶 My Most Embarrassing Moment. 😶

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😶 My Most Embarrassing Moment. 😶

So one of my most embarrassing moments when I was around nine years of age.


I got this flyer at school about a cooking class and I really wanted to do it.🤗 My mom and enrolled me and I was really excited to go.

The thing was, no one from my school took the course, however, a lot of people from different schools were in there so I really didn’t know anybody.

I took the course for one week and was excited for all the knowledge that I learned about cooking and I was really excited about going back the second week.

All the other girls apparently knew each other in the class and kind of started hanging out together. They all kind of went to another part of the lady’s house to hang out ,who was doing the cooking lessons, and I just kind of sat there speaking to her till my mom came to pick me up.  We were in a really great conversation, when out of the blue I asked her,” So when’s your baby due.” She looked at me kind of shocked and said, ” I’m not pregnant.” At that point, I felt humiliated and I remember my cheeks flushing really bad and I wanted to crawl in a hole and die at that moment! I was so embarrassed!

After that, every time that I had to attend the rest of the cooking classes, miraculously I would  get sick or ill the day before so I couldn’t go. 😉 So I think my mom pretty much figured it out that something happened, she just couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to go. I was just glad that she didn’t push me to go though.

Well so many years LATER I was sitting with a friend and we were watching cable television. The interesting thing is that this lady was on a public access channel talking about her new book that came out that was a best-seller.

She looked a little familiar but I thought maybe I just seen her on television before. Then the host of the show started to  interview her on television and asked her what made her decide to write her sugar-free, low fat book.

She said she was a cooking class teacher and she had a student asked her at one point if she was pregnant and she wasn’t, and then she said from that point on she was determined more than ever to lose weight.

I almost fell out of my chair, because I realized that I was that kid that did said that to her. It was such an interesting and weird moment.

The comment that I made ,actually got her to be a best-selling cookbook author! But my embarrassing moment ,still to this day, had stuck with me.

So if you have an embarrassing, ridiculous, or what-was-I-thinking moment, please comment below and share with me all the details. I would love to hear it.

Who knows, you may be featured in my next blog🖒🖒🖒 🙂 🙂

Have a FABULOUS  day full of UN-EMBARRASSING moments! Hee-hee

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