My Favorite Horror Movie! :o :o :o

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My Favorite Horror Movie! :o :o :o

My Favorite Horror Movie!

My favorite horror movie of all time is: JAWS! (It still scares the crap out of me to this day! LOL! ) When I hear that scary music as well, I immediately tense up…lol

When I was a young teenager, there were several times when my mom had to work late so I would be home all by myself. I would order a pizza and have them deliver it and sit down and curl up in a blanket  and watch 2 or 3 movies on cable. Man I was a happy camper;) hee hee

Looking back now some of them were extremely scary and what the heck was I thinking.  I remember the movie ,” The Exorcist”, and after watching that movie, I literally climbed under the bed and fell asleep till my mom came home because I was so scared. lol ol

And of course JAWS. The idea of a shark like that in the water was absolutely terrifying and I thought about it every time I would go swimming in the ocean and even in a lake I would be nervous…LOL LOL Even when I go scuba diving, I still keep my eyes open for “JAWS”.  (Just in case) LOL! (Yeah I know) lol lol

Well I would LOVE to hear about YOUR  favorite horror movie! Let me know what was your favorite is;):):)

Sweet Dreams…..LOL

Big Hugs:)


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