My Dog Pixie is a Nut. ;)

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My Dog Pixie is a Nut. ;)

Meet my little dog Pixie.

Nothing is more tempting than chicken! LOL!

This video makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Funny Story about my Dogs:

Once I brought home a burger from “In-and-Out” a local burger place in Los Angeles and I had it lettuce wrapped instead of a bun.

The burger was so juicy with the water from the lettuce that it got the bag wet and as I was carrying it to the counter it ripped out of the bottom of the bag and plopped onto the floor.

All the dogs (including Pixie) rushed for it all at once and in seconds the burger was GONE. I was really hungry that day since I had been working on set all day long, so I was so mad.

LOL! Now when I order burgers I have them put it in a box with a lid to help keep it safe! LOL!

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