Darcy’s Daily Tip – 😳😳 3 Things that are Secretly Stressing You Out 😳😳

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Darcy’s Daily Tip – 😳😳 3 Things that are Secretly Stressing You Out 😳😳

Darcy’s Daily Tip – 😳😳 3 Things that are Secretly Stressing You Out 😳😳

If you wake up in the morning and, before you even brushed your teeth, you would check your email, then you are not giving yourself time to decompress and be your best. You might find that the first thing you will see everyday is a frantic message from your boss or bad news from the internet.

You have to set a rule: Don’t check your email until after you finish your daily ritual. This small change will make a huge difference in your stress levels. Take a solid hour or more in the morning to be blissfully — and willfully — ignorant.

(I like to sit and drink a hot cup of tea in the Morning to help me set my day before moving on to work.)

Turns out, checking your phone first thing in the morning isn’t the biggest habit that could be doing a number on your mental well being. Here are some other seemingly harmless practices that can be disrupting your peace of mind.

1. Grabbing a bagel on the way to work in the morning. 🍰🍰🍰

Most people don’t give much thought about what to eat in the morning. But you should. “If your main fuel is simple carbohydrates … that’s not an efficient or long lasting energy source. You’ll find that you become hungry again very quickly and feel tired fast. If you don’t have good energy to get through the day, it makes it difficult to keep a positive mindset.” On the other hand, if you eat a healthy , you’ll avoid the physical and mental crash that can come with a carb-filled bagel or sugary waffle.

The fix: Choose something high in protein with healthy fat. I like to do a smoothie with fruits, veggies and nut butter. You can also try an egg sandwich with avocado. Also, make sure to drink lots of water.

2. Keeping your to-do list inside your own head. 😱😱😱

Trying to remember your entire list that you have to do for the day can make you stressed out. It’s consuming your brain space, which uses more energy. Write it onto paper and it can be a kind of extension of your brain. Writing things down gives most people temporary relief.

The Fix: I like to use my app Evernote to give me an electronic place to keep track of all your tasks.

3. Going to bed at a different time each night.  💤💤💤

An irregular sleep schedule creates beyond depleted energy levels and the inability to concentrate. It also highly increases your production of cortisol, which is tied directly to stress. Many mental illnesses are associated with unhealthy sleeping patterns. (Did you know, treating sleep issues can possibly alleviate symptoms of the mental illnesses.) “Sleep is really crucial  when the brain is recharging It’s when you consolidate memories and the brain reviews or plans for the next day and puts them in order. It’s also in part when the brain is relaxing.”

The fix: Get at least eight hours of quality, uninterrupted sleep. “That means avoiding stimuli an hour before bed at night — whether that’s from phones or the TV. Avoiding caffeine 5 hours before bed and not exercising too late are also helpful. Make sure you have time to wind down before bed.




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