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3 Amazing Pet Tips

Here are some really smart pet solutions to help you with your  furbaby.

1. Quickly Treat a Wasp Sting

While hanging out in your backyard, your beloved pet stepped on a wasp and got stung.

To ease his or her pain quickly, use your finger or the edge of a credit card to scrape the stinger out, and then dab a bit of non-gel toothpaste on the irritated area. The glycerin in the toothpaste will dry out the venom to accelerate healing so your fur baby can get back to playing outside.

2. The Key To a Mat- Free Coat

Man, don’t you just hate it you when you give your puppy a thorough washin

g, but his or her coat is still matted. I have had this happen to me I can’t tell you how many times. That’s because getting knots wet makes them tighter and m ore difficult to remove.

Next time, try this trick before bath time: Sprinkle cornstarch on tangled spots and work it through with your fingers. The slick powder coats each strand, making it easier to get the knots out.

3. Remove Drool Marks From Upholstery

So your baby has a favorite spot on the couch that he or she loves to gnaw on his or her favorite toy – the only problem

So to eliminate the spots, simply saturate a washcloth or cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and gently dab on the area. The alcohol breaks up enzymes in saliva, making the discolored patches disappear. Just be sure to test an inconspicuous spot first.

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