♦ ♣ Darcy Donavan Hangin’ in Las Vegas! ♣ ♦

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♦ ♣ Darcy Donavan Hangin’ in Las Vegas! ♣ ♦

I love my amazing Dona-fans!

Hi Everyone! ♥♥♥

I hope you are all having a wonderful day today. 

I have to tell you all, I love Las Vegas.

It is fun to walk around and look at all of the shops and exhibits! In Las Vegas there are all sorts of things to do, from dining out, spa days, exciting shows, relaxing by the pool, shopping and going on other amazing adventures.

I was there on business for a photo shoot, but afterwards I got to hang out with all of my friends and enjoy the night. I had to make sure to say “Hi” to my amazing “Dona-Fans” as well so I made this video for you all!

I hope you enjoy it!




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