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MovieMaze - the Mechanic.

🎬🎬🎬 Here is my behind-the-scenes look at the MovieMaze film app “The Mechanic”.  🎬🎬🎬

The app is a breakthrough in the industry because it allows the viewers to choose how the movie will end. The app has options to select from and the viewer can navigate to the ending they want to see. It’s like the “Choose your own Adventure” books from when you were a kid. As the story progresses, you have different selections to choose from. The first game “The Mechanic”.  is a hilarious and fun story, since some of the options will lead you to some completely unexpected and crazy outcomes.

I was cast to play several characters in the movie including a werewolf in which I went through a long and tedious makeup session (6 1/2 hours to be exact) as you will see in my video below. ENJOY:):)🐺🐺🐺


I did the movie, “The Mechanic,” because I wanted to show people that I am in fact a very versatile actress capable of being a scary werewolf.  It was something different for me and I worked with a great producer, makeup artist and film crew.

Working on this project was a lot different than working on a film or television show. When you go into a regular movie shoot  the lines are set and the scene does not change, unless the director asks you to improvise. Once you are done shooting, you move onto the next scene. In a project like MovieMaze, it is very different, since the movie had multiple endings. So not only are we shooting multiple takes to get the best shot for that one scene, but then we have to go back and shoot the multiple alternative endings several times as well. With all the different scene changes that could happen, it made learning all of the lines a lot more difficult. Since there are so many choices, the scenes all start the same, but end up dramatically different from one another. This made it a challenge to remember all the lines, but I loved it, since it was another notch on my belt and a new experience for me as an actress.  It was a lot of fun to shoot. 😀😀😀

And after sitting in a chair for 6 1/2 hours getting FX makeup done wasn’t easy either, let me tell ya.  💄 Once I was in full werewolf gear I couldn’t eat, drink or hit the ladies room (if ya know what I mean) lol! 🐺 But to me just being on set is reward enough because I love what I do.

After working on , “The Mechanic” and playing the part of a werewolf;  the amazingly sweet and talented filmmakers, Maria Collis, Erik Lundmark and Rishi Thaker, decided that they wanted to bring me back for the second project.  We had all built a wonderful relationship together, so  I was happy to be a part of “The Plumber” as well.  Playing the part of a mermaid was definitely on my bucket list of roles that I wanted to do in my acting career. 🤗 If you want to check out “The Plumber” and “The Mechanic” you can find them in the MovieMaze™ App for iPhone iPad by clicking 📲📲  HERE and for Android by clicking 📲📲  HERE  !

I wanted to thank all the readers and my  wonderful fans that are with me throughout my amazing journey! You all inspire me each and every day! God Bless!:):):)

Big Hugs

** DARCY** 💞💞💞💞

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