😀 Communicating Is The Key😀

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😀 Communicating Is The Key😀

😀 Communicating Is The Key😀

In relationships, communicating is a major key to having  a happy relationship. 💑

There was a survey of 60 widows who had been married an average of 26 years. They were asked what the  recipe for a happy marriage was and you got it….. communication!🗣🗣It was at the top of the list and it was also considered the most crucial element for a long-lasting relationship.💑

I think sometimes in this day and age we forget about how important communicating is. With any type of relationship to make the relationship or even a  friendship work you need to make a weekly date, that’s written down in your calendar like any other important appointment. 📝Try to talk for a minimum of at least 3 hours.🗣

It could be going with a friend or your significant other to your favorite restaurant, 🍝sitting at your house in front of the fireplace,🏠 or if it’s your significant other walking hand-in-hand throughout your neighborhood.🏞 Little things like this is what makes a great relationship work. Try to start doing some of these communication ideas this week and see how it works. 💏👫💑

Life is a journey and go out there and have a great time with your friends and the person you love and who knows where your journey might take you next.😉😉 

Have a great week and love you all, 😚😚


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