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🔑🔑Darcy’s Daily Travel Tip 🔑🔑

Darcy's Travel Tips.

Hi Everyone,

A lot of times when I’m traveling I have to take my keys and important stuff with me. One really great trick is that a cleaned-out sunscreen bottle can hide your cash keys and more when you’re at the pool or at the beach or even hanging out at a friend’s house. Throw the bottle in your bag and even if someone goes in there, they are not going to think to check out the sunscreen bottle, (Unless they are getting a sunburn. LOL! )

If you are in a pinch and want to hide something quick you can also use a disposable coffee cup with a lid.  Just order a coffee, drink it , then wipe out the cup with a paper towel and Voila’! You have a secret hiding spot. No one is going to think about looking into your used coffee cup. (Just be sure not to throw it out or put where someone else will throw it out by accident.) 😉

I have also seen mothers wrap their car keys in a diaper at the beach. It looks used, so no one is going to want to check to see what is in there. 😉

You can also use these tips in your home to hide your valuables or maybe even that diamond ring you don’t want anybody knowing about. Lol lol!

Anyway, this trick really helped me when I’m traveling so enjoy this quick tip with many more to come 🙂 🙂

Have a terrific day today and safe travels!

Best Wishes,
Darcy 💜💜💜💜

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