🔊The Power of Self Talk🔊

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🔊The Power of Self Talk🔊

Positive Self Talk Tips.

Just know that in life how you speak to yourself impacts your workout, strength, confidence ,happiness 😀- even your ability to shed pounds.🏋

The perks of positive self-talk aren’t just in your head, when it’s done correctly, it can impact your nervous system to temporary lift blood pressure, a sign of increased energy and motivation.

A lot of times when I’m having a bad day I use several talking tricks to get me through that really help. Here are some self talking tricks to get you on the fast track to success.🖒

1. Use your name instead of “I”😀

Saying ” You’ve got this, Darcy! instead of “I can do it!” offers a more objective view of what’s stressing you out, so you can problem- solve rather than ruminate (which means to go over and over in your head )what the situation is.

2. Say “don’t” not “can’t”😀

65% of dieters who told themselves they don’t indulge in a certain temptation (like a dessert) for example successfully resisted it, versus 39% of those who said they “can’t” in a research study. “Don’t” is more empowering just remember that.

3. Use self affirmations 🤗

Be your own coach. Say to yourself , “You got this! You are awesome.”Even when other people around you are being negative you be your best friend and learn to be your own coach and give yourself that pep talk. Just know in life there is no better friend than yourself, so go out there and pump yourself up. Don’t depend on others to lift you up all the time. Be your own best friend and self talk your way to success.😉🖒



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