📷DARCY’S DAILY TIP📷Secrets to Stunning Outdoor Photos

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📷DARCY’S DAILY TIP📷Secrets to Stunning Outdoor Photos

Secrets to Stunning Outdoor Photos!

📸From how to stand to how to breathe, I’ve got some simple strategies for you that will help you take frame-worthy shots every time!📸

📷 To Capture The Action📷

“Be Your Own Tripod”

The key to getting an amazing action shot is to keep the camera still amid all the activity.

To do that turn yourself into a human tripod:

Stand with your feet slightly apart, like her elbows into your sides and hold the camera at eye level. For snapping the picture, take a deep breath and exhale – a trick pro photographers swear by since breathing creates movement in the chest that can cause your camera to move, blurring the shot.

📷 To Snap a Beautiful Vista📷

“Use This Setting”

The reason those photos we snap of gorgeous sunsets and mountain views rarely fully capture nature’s true beauty: the human eye is 10 times more sensitive to light variations than a camera. Fortunately, most cameras – even on smartphones – now have a fix for that.

The high dynamic range, or HDR, setting brings details out of the shadows and brightens highlights for a natural appearance. Using HDR results in a more saturated, colorful photo.

To activate it on an iPhone, turn on your camera and tap HDR, on an Android, click HDR in the camera’s settings.

📷 To Get a Posed Picture📷

“Skew It To the Left”

When taking a photo of a loved one, most of us automatically center the subject of our photo.

But you’ll get an even better shot if you place your subject slightly to the left of the frame – this is a photographer’s trick called “the rule of thirds.”

This artistic theory states that our eyes are naturally drawn to images that are off center and divided into thirds.

To make composing artistic photos of snap, turn on the camera’s grid lines (a 9 panel grid that shows these divisions. Find the grid on an iPhone in the general settings menu. On an Android, it’s in the camera settings.

📷 Here are 3 things Photo Pros “NEVER” Do📷

📸Use the flash at night.

The flash will create washed out, and unnatural-looking photos. Instead use ambiance light, like street lights or a campfire to brighten the scene.

If you have no lights nearby a flashlight or smartphone will do. You can even use a flashlight app and have a friend or someone help you shine it near your subject.

📸Zoom way in.

Photos taken using the zoom feature can end up fuzzy or even grainy, especially if you don’t stay absolutely still. For a crisper image, move closer to your subject, then crop the photo later.

📸Take a shot from below.

Pictures taken from above are a lot more flattering. The reason: Your subject has to look up, which elongates the neck. Plus, facing overhead lights can also put a sparkle in your subject’s eyes.

Looking down, on the other hand, can add Shadows – and an extra chin! But when it comes to your fur babies and your little ones, getting down on their level, can put them at ease and guarantees a more natural shot.

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