💲DARCY’S DAILY TIP💲Be Money Smart💸

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💲DARCY’S DAILY TIP💲Be Money Smart💸

Be Money Smart💸

Everyone always wants to save money. So here is a great way to slash your electric bill.

A dirty air filter will easily add 15% or even more to your electric bill in the summer, especially if you run the air conditioning a lot, like I do. But replacing the filter costs only $7, and it’s easy to do – you can even check out how to videos all over YouTube.

There couldn’t be an easier way to save quiet a lot of money.💲💲

By the time you buy a lawn mower, tree trimmer, a head trimmer ,Grass trimmer or any other tools that you have to use for outside, you have spent several hundred dollars. 💲💲

It’s easy to save by setting up a sharing plan with your neighbors. You can each buy one tool and share or just pull your money and rent them. You can spend $10 or less to rent a power washer for a day rather than buying one for $200. 🤗🤗🤗

Have a fabulous day everyone and delight in all the money that you’ll be saving! 🙂

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