💟Realize Your Value💟

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💟Realize Your Value💟

You are Valuable!

I live in sunny California and we have numerous garage sales and thrift stores all over the Los Angeles area.

At these  events, you can find a lot of junk. But you can also find some beautiful, once – expensive items, now selling at unbelievable, dirt – cheap prices.

Like the self-esteem of many people, the value of these items is out of whack. Honestly, I think too many people are viewing themselves as garage sale items. You may be such a person.

Think about it.

Are you under rating yourself and belittling your abilities?

Are you limiting yourself and your own eyes?

Are you holding two small a picture of your talents?

Have you been convinced and conditioned to hold a low opinion of yourself?

We all struggle in a world of problems, but if you see yourself as able to meet these challenges, the way you handle them will be different. The whole business of finding success is to make the most of who you are, with what you have, and where you are.

However, there are obstacles to attaining a good self-image. And, there are other people who, for various reasons, want to keep us from reaching our potential.😣

Today make an effort to be around people that lift you up and know your potential and know your true value.

I know you do!🏅🏅😉

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