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✈✈✈ How to Prevent Jet Lag✈✈✈

✈✈✈ How to Prevent Jet Lag✈✈✈

🛩Are you flying home soon?🛩

I travel a lot for my career and with busy production schedules I seriously don’t have time to suffer from Jet Lag. If you are flying for your work or even just planning a vacation, these cool tips can help you feel more awake and get you acclimated  into the right time zone fast. I can tell you they have helped me a lot.

The key to feeling bright-eyed instead of weary is timing your exposure to light. Try some of these tips below to help:

1. If You’re Flying West 🛩

After landing, stay up until 10 p.m. local time, then get a full night’s sleep. Go outside as soon as you wake up; daylight reset your body clock.

2. If You’re Flying East 🛩

Hit the sack by 11 p.m., even though you may not feel tired. Try to sleep in and avoid sunlight until mid-morning the next day( if the light hits you too soon, you’ll have difficulty sleeping through the night).

3. Wherever You Go 🛩

Exercise outdoors. 🎾🏀🏌🏋It’s a proven way to adjust to a new time zone.

✈✈Hope these tips helped you to prevent jet lag and have a wonderful and safe trip. ✈✈

🏞Love you all,🏞


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