💗💗💗 Darcy’s Helpful Tip of the day -So what do you do for stretch marks? 💗💗💗

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💗💗💗 Darcy’s Helpful Tip of the day -So what do you do for stretch marks? 💗💗💗

Get in Shape!

To start, I wanted to tell you all that you should always love yourself and feel good about your body no matter what. God made you, and you are beautiful just the way you are. That being said, there is nothing wrong with wanting to get in shape or look better. That way you can always feel your best and be confident in your own skin. Remember, if your body is your temple, it doesn’t hurt to take care of the temple and rake the leaves and fix the parts of it that need fixing. Just sayin’ LOL! 😉

So what do you do after you have fixed up the temple and you have a little bit of “extra paint?”  LOL. Stretch marks are just a part of life for most of us. I know a lot of men who have lost a lot of weight and have stretch marks, as well as women who have had kids or have lost a lot of weight and they have noticeable stretch marks that they want it to go away. Well I have some great news for you.

  • There are several ways that you can work on getting rid of stretch marks. Lasers, such as the V beam and intense pulsed light treatment skin reduce discoloration. There are also over-the-counter products with heavy duty moisturizers like Shea butter and Hyaluronic acid which increase skin cell turnover. If you are trying to find what will work best for you, you can try something all natural or talk to a dermatologist for a prescription. Start as soon as you can though, since newer stretch marks are easier to fade out.

I myself am really big on natural treatment and have found that “Emu oil” is amazing for helping to heal any kind of scars or stretch marks. I like to put the Emu oil in  with my moisturizer or wear it once a week as a face mask. The Emu oil even helped my little dog Gizmo who gets dry skin in the winter.


DARCY 😘😘😘😘

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