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Facts on the Coronavirus.

☺☺ Hi Everyone! ☺☺

I hope that you are all staying safe and being careful as you go about your daily routines. I know that there is a lot of information circling around on the internet 💻 and sometimes it can be hard to speparate the facts from the fiction or rumors. 🤔 Sometimes everything can seem so overwhelming that you just want to go shopping like this lady below. 😮


Well before you go breaking out the giant plastic hamster ball, I wanted to give these research based facts to help you all shed some light on this matter. 🌟🌟

1. Currently, they have not yet completed a vaccine. There are some drugs that are going under trials and some of them have been affective in treating and curing the Coronavirus👍. So the results are looking promising and lots of amazing and talented professionals are working on a solution. Many medications and vaccines are still in the testing phases and doctors want to be sure it’s safe, with no big side effects. They are also working hard to insure that that the medications work for all people, not just some. If you know anyone in the health care industry, make sure that you thank them and are super supportive of them, as they are on the front lines risking thier health to keep us all as safe as possible. A great example of this is the nightly minute of applause for medical workers that is becoming a new tradition in many cities in Europe. 🙏🙏


2. The best thing to protect oneself from the Coronavirus is to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds🤲. Hand sanitizers are not as effective as actual soap, but you can use them as an extra safety net until you are able to wash your hands with some soap and water. You can even make washing your hands fun, you can all try learning some of these AWESOME TikTok dance moves to help you remember what you need to do 😘.


3. Remember to also keep a distance of 6ft. from others 🚶‍♂️......🚶‍♀️when you are having to go places, like the store to buy groceries, this is very important for your safety as well as thiers. Until everything is under control, don't shake anyone’s hands or hug them, even if you know them. Instead, you can smile, talk and wave👋 at them. (or my favorite is an air high five.) LOL. 🤚 When you go anywhere in a public place, do not touch your face with your hands, that goes for your eyes, nose and mouth. 😉 Be sure to wash your hands first thing when returning home, and clean your phone, credit cards and car keys with a disinfectant. 🤳

4. Ordering packages online. 📦 The virus lives on cardboard a lot shorter length of time than metal or plastic. To be extra-cautious, particularly if you are in a higher risk group, you can keep your package in the garage for 24 hours or dispose of outer packaging outside of your home and wash your hands immediately after handling.

5. Surgical masks or disposable masks will not fully protect you from others infected with the Coronavirus😷. But they can help if you are someone who is prone to touching your face. (I have a friend who I make where a mask becuase she is always touching her face.) Be extra courteous of mask use though, so that health professionals and others who need them have enough. Masks also can be used by people that have already been infected with the Coronavirus, to decrease the chances of infecting others.

I hope you have all found this information helpful! We need to continue to work on spreading the facts and being as safe as possible. The more we learn, the more we can do to better protect ourselves and others around us. 💖💖💖




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