👀 Increase Your Focus 👀

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👀 Increase Your Focus 👀

👀 Increase Your Focus 👀

Hello Everybody!

I wanted to share one of my extra special “Darcy’s Daily Tips” with you all today. Have you ever been tired or just lagging and needed a little jolt to finish your day?

I can tell you, there are a lot of times where I have production meetings all day or I’m working with a team of people to

come up with a creative direction for something that I’m working on and I am starting to lose steam.  I found this amazingly simple tip that helps give me that extra bit of brain power to continue.

The next time that you’re having that afternoon slump, take out a piece of gum.  It can help you stay sharp and focused on the task at hand.

I have heard that researchers did some studies and found that chewing gum improved performance on tests that involve tuning into auditory cues and retaining important information in short-term memory.

Apparently, the action of chewing your gum increases blood flow to the brain to provide you with more oxygen to reach your brain cells. Trust me, it works.

Next time I want to focus, I’m going to get me some Hubba Bubba and have a good ole’ time. LOL! LOL! Happy focusing everyone! 🙂



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