🐶🐶 My Dog Pixie. 🐶🐶

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🐶🐶 My Dog Pixie. 🐶🐶

My dog Pixie.

My Dog Pixie is quite a character. When I first got from the animal shelter she was so shy.  Now that she has been with me, her true personality has come out. She is the sweetest most loving dog ever. She is always there to cheer you up when you are sad and will lick the tears away from your eyes. She is a big attention hog and loves to be petted.

On the flip side, she is a little mischievous. She is also a chicken thief.  I had a piece of barbecue chicken and a salad sitting on a plate on my bed when I stepped away to take a phone call. I come back and the plate is missing something. The chicken was GONE! The salad was untouched and the only evidence was a line of barbecue sauce streaked across my bed. I was so mad! I couldn’t even find any bones, it was just gone. LOL!

So now her nickname is called the chicken ninja. LOL LOL ! Take a lesson from me and any time you leave food on the bed or even on a lower spot make sure your dog can’t get to it. LOL LOL Otherwise you may have a chicken ninja that might take your chicken. LOL!


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