🐶🐶For Your Fur-Baby🐶🐶

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🐶🐶For Your Fur-Baby🐶🐶

Tips for your fur-baby.

Here are some quick tips that will keep your pets happy and healthy!

Now I love my dogs more than anything! Actually they are my fur-babies! 🐶🐶🐶💙💙💙 And I love to give kisses💋💋 to my little and big fur babies! They are so sweet- but only if I could say the same about their breath! LOL

The one thing though is that they hate getting their teeth brushed. It’s a big huge pain in my you know where.

🐶So here’s a quick tip on how you can clean your pet’s teeth. 🐶

1. One idea is put your pets toothpaste on chew toy. As your fur baby chews their toy, the paste will rub against their teeth to clean them and freshen their breath.

2. You can also give them cucumber slices, the compounds in the vegetable kill odor causing bacteria while crunching on the slices clean their teeth.

Now you can go kiss your lovely Pooch 💋 and give them those sweet kisses without that bad doggy breath:-) :-) !

🐶 Here’s a great tip to keep your fur-baby busy at your outdoor gatherings🐶

Now if you’re like me and you like to have parties and entertain outdoors. Most of the time with all the excitement, you’re going to need to do something to occupy your fur-baby.

The great trick is to occupy your fur-baby with homemade frozen treat!

To do: Toss snacks ( l like to use sliced carrots and blueberries) in a plastic bowl, fill with water and freeze.

When your guests arrive, run warm water over the bottom of the container so you can easily remove the block of ice, then set the frozen fruit bowl out for your fur-baby. It will keep him or her entertained and cool in the summer heat, so you can enjoy yourself!

🐶The recipe for calmer car rides🐶

Now this is a great one!

I travel a lot so if your family loves to escape on a weekend road trip, but your little fur-baby angel always gets anxious while riding in the car (like mine do.)

A way to put an end to her or his whining, barking or crying so you can concentrate on driving : is about an hour before you need to hit the road, steep 1 valerian root tea bag ( available at health food stores) in 1 cup of hot water.

Let the tea cool, then soak a few of your favorites your pet’s favorite snacks, like jerky treats are green beans, in the solution for 5 minutes before feeding them to her or him.

Valerian increases the production of a brain chemical that helps regulate nerve cells, creating a calming  effect so you can all enjoy your car ride.

(This also can help keep your pet calm on the way to the vet)

Enjoy these wonderful tips and let me know how they work for you!

Love you bunches and have a terrific fur-baby day!🐶😚😚


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