🏡DEAR DARCY🏡 I would like to know how to get a job at any place.

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🏡DEAR DARCY🏡 I would like to know how to get a job at any place.


I would like to know how to get a job at any place. I try talk to people to see if they are hiring some no and other’s say yes. Can you help me out?

~Raymond A. Eccleston ( sent via email through Darcys Daily)


Well first off Raymond, what are you good at? These are questions that you need to ask yourself.

If you’re going to sit here and send out resumes or go see people for interviews that’s the first thing you need to know. What are the types of jobs that you want to do or that you’re good at.

Secondly, your appearance is everything on first impressions. When you go meet with someone, you always want to dress your best. Depending on what type of job you want, you will either wear a suit, or a nice dress shirt with some nice slacks. Definitely, remember your nicest Sunday shoes if you know what I mean.

When you’re around somebody for an interview you want to be upbeat and positive and let the person know they are going to be in capable hands by hiring you.

Also , what you really need to do, is send out as many resumes that you can. You need to send out to Headhunters and temp agencies ( there are a ton out there ) that get paid to find you work.

This is also what a lot of people do to get a temporary job and then the company will eventually hire them on full time on their job performance.

Just remember that it is a numbers game and you have to keep sending out everyday as much as you possibly can. Eventually, you will find your dream job.

My fingers are crossed for you and I wish you all the best of luck Raymond! Let me know how everything goes ! 🙂🙂🙂

Big hugs to you,

Darcy 💝💝💝

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