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So get out your pen and pad and write some of these awesome tips down!🖒These tips  will help you with getting your exercise on as well as swallowing pills. Enjoy!💚💚💚

1. So do you hate taking horse pills? Why not try melts🤗

My Mom called me the other day and she said she had some really good eye vitamins that I might like. I said Mom, “Why are you wanting to give them to me? Why don’t you just keep them for yourself, I asked?” She said it’s to hard to swallow to take big pills like that.

So this is a great tidbit for those of you who hate to take those so-called horse pills. 🐎🐎

Actually 1 in 4 people do find it hard to swallow pills in a lot of studies. So if you’re in that boat but you want to add supplements to your get healthy routine this year, try sublingual tablets and dissolvable supplements.

These products spare you the stress of having to swallow pills, plus offer fast-acting benefit since they go right into your bloodstream. There’s a lot of variety of vitamins and specialty supplements that you can get. I love the website  vitacost.com which is one of my favorite stores to get all those kind of supplements and dissolvable.

2. Too tired to exercise? Go pop in a DVD💿💿

It’s tough to muster the motivation to get moving when it’s cold and dark out, or let’s just face it sometimes you get off work and you just don’t have the motivation.

What can help : Cue up and exercise DVD. There is a lot of studies of people who viewed people exercising and it had increased activity in their brains ‘mirror neurons’, which stimulate the impulse to mimic others. There’s additional studies that show that the effect is so powerful, it can double your exercise intensity when you lace up your sneakers.

So get to sweating everybody!🏋🏋 Yay!!!!

3. Do you crave sweets? Fold your hands👐👐

Yep, you heard it right. The next time you’re tempted by carbs or sugary treats, take a few seconds to squeeze your hands together, clench your jaw or contract your leg muscles. There’s a lot of research that shows that the simple strategy makes a lot more of willpower in as little as 10 seconds. Clenching muscles signals being that a tough task is ahead, and the brain responds with a burst of mental energy that makes it easier to avoid temptation and stay focused on long-term goals. (Maybe my mom needs to do that next time she decides to go on a shopping spree😄😄😄😃😃. :) LOL LOL

Remember everyone resist temptation and don’t be like my sister Marcy in the video below! LOL!


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