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Unfortunately we often see ourselves negatively because we live in a negative society.

Look at all the stories on the TV news programs: deaths, murders, scandals. Only a few bits of good news are usually tucked in, on down the line.

What makes headlines in the newspapers and television ? Unfortunately, a scandal by a politician or an athletes involvement with rape or drugs. Now a firefighter who saved some children while sacrificing his own life is a small story that doesn’t get much attention.

When I was in high school I took a psychology class and one thing my teacher was always saying is that we average hearing seven criticisms to every one compliment. She also said every time you hear a negative comment you need to make sure that you say at least four to five positive comments yourself to change your way of thinking.

Unfortunately, most of us remember the negative comments far longer than the positive statements. Most of our limitations are self-imposed, and we often see ourselves through the eyes of people who were negative or discouraged us rather than encouraged us.

Then you have to ask yourself:

How can l overcome obstacles constructed by others and by yourself?

How can l realize my value and accept my work?

How can l use my abilities and reach my potential?

It’s all in your way of thinking.

I love my grandmother dearly on my mother’s side, but she was extremely negative to me when I was growing up. I lived with her for a little while and she constantly said negative things of how I wouldn’t ever aspire to be what I always dreamed I wanted to be. She wasn’t very encouraging in some ways and so I had to be my own cheerleader.

I used her criticism to fuel me to show her that I was going to do everything I could to prove her wrong. Unfortunately, my sweet mother had a different temperament. My mother has a very sweet heart and she would take what my grandmother said literally , which eventually led her to ulcerative colitis and other health issues.

Instead of taking my grandmother’s words at face value like I did, she internalized them and it ended up making her sick. Unfortunately, a lot of us do that and you really can’t.

If I sat there and listened to every negative comment that some Joe Blow said to me then I definitely wouldn’t be writing this to you right now. LOL. I don’t listen to people I don’t know, and even people that are worth millions of dollars or very famous or very influential started somewhere.

I really don’t let anybody tell me I can’t do anything. I always have a firm belief in myself and also I have a firm belief in God. I just believe that God will always come through no matter what and he definitely has. Whatever you’re going through today, just know that someone else is going through the exact same thing.

Be around people that are positive. Join a church, join a new gym and just know that you have the ability to always be around people that you want to be around. I would rather be alone then be around people that bring me down.

Just remember you are special in my eyes and in God’s period. As I always say, let your SCARS   turn you into STARS. 🏆🏆🏆🏆

Love you bunches and have an excellent positive day !



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