🍶Have a “Smoothie Cube” to save you time and money🍶

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🍶Have a “Smoothie Cube” to save you time and money🍶

🍶Have a “Smoothie Cube” to save you time and money🍶

Green smoothies are a perfect summer breakfast as everyone knows they are healthy and delicious.🖒

The bad thing about having these breakfast smoothies can be that they go bad so fast as well as freezing them can take up a lot of freezer space. Sometimes you have a lot of fresh veggies in the fridge and you want to use them before they go bad. This is a great tip to extend the life of your fresh produce and make a delicious treat that you can use for weeks to come.

So if you want to have a great saving time tip and money idea just fill a blender halfway with the loosely packed greens, add a fourth cup of water and blend until smooth; adding water as needed. Freezing your ice cube molds for 6 hours, and store and some freezer bags.

When you ready for your delicious green smoothie drink, toss the green cubes in a blender with some almond milk or soy milk fruit and yogurt and Wallah there you go. (I like to add mine to my banana smoothies to make them a little healthier.) 🤗🤗You’re smart solution for your delicious smoothie drink. 🖒🖒

Enjoy and be healthy🍶🍶

All My Love,

Darcy  💗💗

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