🍉DARCY’S DELIGHTS🍉Cook stress-free

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🍉DARCY’S DELIGHTS🍉Cook stress-free


So here are some smart quick tips how to help make cooking  for you stress free.🤗

For those of you who really like pesto. Here is a great trick so you can make your own pesto sauce without all of the fat in it with 35% fewer calories.

To do so in a process or blend 3 cups of arugula, one cup of Basil, one cup of Parmesan, and two avocados, half a cup of almonds, one clove of garlic and the juice of one lime. 😀DELICIOUS!🤗

I like to put it on some gluten free pasta and wham bam delicious pesto with the calories cut right in half.


This tip is for all you watermelon lovers out there!🍉

We all know that watermelon can be a great healthy sweet treat, right?:) But do you wish slicing through the tough grind wasn’t such a chore.

Here is a simple solution:🍉

Slice the melon in half crosswise with a large chef’s knife, then use an ice cream scoop to dish out the fruit like sorbet. Voila- the melon forms perfect easy to eat rounds that can be  spooned up mess-free, and you’ll spend far less time slicing. Yum yum! Enjoy your delicious watermelon!🍉

Now last but not least, let’s make some chicken tacos with half the effort!

So here is a great idea for all of those of you who can’t figure out what you’re going to make for food tonight 🙂

So in a slow cooker , add 2 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast,🍗

next add 1 (16 ounce) jar of salsa ; cover and cook for 4 hours on high then add warm tortillas briefly in the microwave .

Slice the chicken and serve in tortillas.

Make some corn on the cob has your side, and there you go!🖒 You have an easy meal that is delicious and healthy 🙂

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