❤ DEAR DARCY ❤: I sweat like crazy when I sleep.🛏🛏

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❤ DEAR DARCY ❤: I sweat like crazy when I sleep.🛏🛏


I sweat like crazy when I sleep.🛏🛏 It’s so extremely embarrassing when I’m with a new girl. 👧What can I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated Darcy!

— Chad Dalton, Dayton,Ohio(via email)


Well Chad even though you’re supposed to get a little hot and sweaty when there’s a new girl in your bed, turning into a sopping, sponge like mess is another story. If you’re a sweat machine during the day, too, you may have an annoying yet otherwise harmless condition called primary hyperhidrosis AKA an overactive sweat gland that can be stimulated by anxiety.

If that’s the case, you need to go see your doctor and he should be able to point out some easy ways to shut down the stink factory.😉😉

If you’re sweating is only confined between the sheets 🛏🛏 ask yourself a few questions : Chould your thermostat be set too high? Do you sleep in night clothes and wrap yourself in a big, fluffy comforter even if your house or apartment is facing the direction of where the sun comes in. That could be your problem as well. Also don’t neglect to consider the extra body heat coming from your lady friend next to you.👧

The easy fix is to try opening a window🏡 and ditching the blankets and flannel PJs. See if things start to improve in that department. If you still have no relief and you still wake up in a salty bath you need to see your doctor for a checkup. ✔Not to scare you into drafting your will just yet but intense sweating at night can often indicates that your body may be trying to fight off a serious illness or infection like diabetes or even thyroid problems. I will repeat myself, you need to get yourself to a physician to get a clean bill of health.

Wishing you many healthy and SWEAT-LESS nights my friend.🛏🛏🛏

Big hugs,


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