❤DEAR DARCY ❤: Darcy’s Guide to Great Feet👞👞

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❤DEAR DARCY ❤: Darcy’s Guide to Great Feet👞👞

Guide to great feet!


Do you know what’s the best cure for athlete’s foot? 👞👞

Thank you for any advice you can give. I know you’re a smart lady.

— Richard W., Texas (via email)


Well Richard, thank you for your awesome question. I am really big on holistic medicine and natural remedies so I would love to tell you my advice on the matter. As a background, Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus that is usually stimulated by moisture. This could be from being in a damp environment or wearing shoes for an extended amount of time. 🚿🚿🚿🚿

You can avoid athlete’s foot by not sharing your footwear with anyone else and also make sure you don’t wear the same shoes everyday. Let everything dry out before putting it back on. 🌄🌄🌄

If you should get it anyway,  Lamisil and other than other over-the-counter products can work effectively. Even though I do a lot of holistic treatments, sometimes there is just no replacing medicine that is specifically developed to treat certain ailments.

Whatever you do Richard, don’t scratch it because you can make it worse. Just know that the fungus causes a break in the skin. So scratching introduces bacteria and can cause what’s called cellulitis and require hospitalization. Lamisil seems to be a really good help in helping that as well. I also would suggest putting baking soda into your shoes if they smell or if there’s any kind of wetness in your shoes.⛆⛆⛆⛆⛆

I tried to tell everybody to  wear socks that are cotton if you’re going to be in your shoes all day. And then change your socks every day.👞

I had a friend who would wear his shoes to work everyday but he never wore socks, and Oh Lord his feet smelled any time he would take his shoes off. It was terrible!😝😝😝😝Like I said try to avoid that, by putting baking soda in your shoes, or switching out your shoes every other day and letting them air dry every night. 👞👞👞👞

Hope this helps you Richard, and wishing you a terrific and fungus free day 🙂 :-)🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😉😉


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