✨✨✨ Darcy’s 4 Slimming Secrets ✨✨✨

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✨✨✨ Darcy’s 4 Slimming Secrets ✨✨✨

Slimming Secrets!

Sometimes it is hard to be motivated to lose weight and get in shape. It may be something that you have been struggling with for a while or just a few pounds that won’t budge. Either way, you can do it. It can seem like it’s impossible but trust me, It’s not impossible. You can do it and with the right attitude you will succeed.  When I am getting ready for a project or photo shoot and need a little bit of extra motivation, I like to turn to these 4 great secret tips that I have found help me be my best.

Secret Tip #1. – Make sure you keep uplifting and creative positive reminders to help you stay on track. I keep inspirational quotes at my desk to help me stay focused. I either write motivational sayings that inspire me or positive phrases that help me stay in the zone. I like to write them on post it notes and put them where I see them every morning. As soon as I wake up and I’m brushing my teeth, it reminds me to stay motivated, focused and positive.

Secret Tip #2. –  Trying to keep a weight loss log. If you keep a weight log it will show progress of what you’re doing day today versus when you started. It will help you keep track of what you’re doing and let you know when to tighten the reigns if your weight is going in the wrong direction. One or two pounds might not seem like much, but when you see that you’ve lost weight, it’ll make you wanna lose the next few pounds even more.

Secret Tip #3. – Make sure that you give yourself a break and enjoy a cheat day. I always like to do Saturdays and Sundays. When I’m watching my favorite shows, that’s when I like to have my Splurge Day. That Splurge or cheat day that you have will give you the sanity to make it easier for you to stay on track to eat well during the week, because you know you’re going to have a treat on the weekend. (Just don’t go overboard on the splurge and eat like 2 boxes of Twinkies, little splurges everyone!) 😉 LOL!

Secret Tip #4. – Post a picture of yourself where you can see it. Take one of you before your diet and another good idea to is to take a photo of someone who you want to look lile when you get to your goal weight. Cut out a photo of your head and put it on their body. LOL!  That will give you the motivation to every day say, “Hey, this is where I want to go!” The first photo is where I’m at now, but the second photo, this is where I’m going and I will succeed.

Just remember when you’re trying to slim down, don’t sit there and beat yourself up. If you have a day where you splurge and eat too much ice cream or something like that, just get back on the saddle and start again with better food the next day.

Remember the saying of a thousand miles, “A Thousand Mile Journey Begins With the first step.”

Enjoy your weight loss journey everybody. I would love to see before and after photos in the comment areas for those of you who have lost weight. I am so proud of you all!

Have a fantastic day full of blessings.

Darcy 💙💙💙

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