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☀☀☀ Darcy’s Daily Tip ☀☀☀

Soothe a Sunburn.

Okay, so we all know that summer is not over yet. In fact, it is still really hot in Los Angeles.  If you are going to the beach or the park, you need to make sure to wear your sun protection. Be sure to put on sunglasses to protect your eyes and if you are going swimming, you need to make sure to lather on the waterproof sunscreen. Sometimes though, you end up going out and forgetting your sunscreen. You come home and you are burnt to a crisp. (We have all been there at one point or another.)

So what’s the best way to soothe a sunburn? A lot of people keep saying aloe vera gel in the fridge is a great way to apply to your skin for instant relief. But for extra soothing for

 your skin you can freeze the gel in an ice cube tray and rub the cubes on your skin for really serious burns.

Trust me, I’ve had a similar situation when I was in the tanning bed a long time ago and I got burned so bad.  It started off O.K., but then the red started creeping in. It started off with a slow burn, but later it felt like my whole body had been dipped in lava! 🔥🔥It was a nightmare.

I had a party to go to that night and my dress was tight with sequins all over it. I had to call a friend to help

me get into the dress since getting into the dress was so painful with those sequins scraping up against my beet red skin. I finally got to the party and all night long people were patting me on the back and tapping my shoulder to say “hello”. It was unbearable. LMAO! It took several days to heal and I wish I would have had some of these tips. (Needless to say I don’t EVER use a tanning bed anymore. LOL! )

Also, soaking washcloth and cold milk and gently pressing it on the burned area will help you immensely. Milk fat and protein have healing anti-inflammatory effects. Good to know!

Hope this helps you because no one wants to be in pain from a sunburn. Trust me! You only have to get burned once as they say. LOL!

Comment below and tell me one of your sunburn stories!

Sending BIG HUGS to you all! (Unless you have a sunburn, in that case I’ll just wave to you instead. LOL)

Darcy  😊😊😊😊😊

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