🎭🎭 Darcy Donavan talks with Haywood Nelson from the hit TV show “What’s Happening”. 🎭🎭

Hi Everyone! 😀😀😀

I had a fantastic time attending the 🌟Showstopper Stars 🌟 Autograph Signing Celebrity Meet and Greet! It was held on the main street of the CBS lot that showcases many popular television productions 📺 and movies. 📽

The event was sooooooo much fun as I was performing my music 🎤 , signing autographs, meeting and greeting my amazing fans 😀 and hanging out with some of my awesome celebrity friends as well!🎭😀💝💙💙💙💙💙 ☺

I hope you all enjoy my meet and greet with Haywood Nelson of , “What’s Happening!!  “As the World Turns” &” What’s Happening Now”!

Have an incredible day Everyone!

Big Hugs,

⭐⭐DD ⭐⭐

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  1. My DARCY I love your video, you are very funny in your interviews, you are sensational and very very beautiful, Thank you for sharing you video Little girl…

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