Be a Hero for Animals! 🐶 Darcy Donavan Saving Lives One Dog At A Time! 🐶

🐶🐶 I had the pleasure of working with the Animal Rescue Charity “Brittany Foundation”. Please if you will, share this so we can bring awareness to pet adoption and saving the lives of dogs in shelters across the nation! VIEW MORE ABOUT THEM IN MY VIDEO BELOW!  🐶🐶

I have rescued many dogs from the shelter and they were all so very appreciative! Rescue dogs are the best dogs ever! Remember everyone, DOG IS “GOD” SPELLED BACKWARDS. 🙂

Big Hugs – DD💞💞💞

(P.S. – Cute adopted pets make great Birthday or Valentine’s gifts!)

More About the Brittany Foundation!

  • They rescue, rehabilitate, and provide safe shelter for homeless, abused, and abandoned dogs.
  • They focus our rescue efforts on dogs who have a more difficult time being adopted: older dogs, handicapped dogs, and dogs deemed “unpopular,” such as pit bulls.  Our population includes puppy mill and foreclosure victims.
  • They are a volunteer-only charity.  Every dollar received by the Foundation goes directly to the care of the dogs.
  • They are a no-kill animal rescue and sanctuary.
  • Since 1994 they have placed an average of 100 dogs per year into new loving homes


  1. Bobby Long says:

    I’m a big Animal lover. I’m trying to market my “Book Of Pet Names (with hidden meanings)” for $10 each to help Animal Shelters. Contact me if you’re interested in my book. Keep up the good work

  2. Wowww my DARCY is a video that fascinates me, I have rescued some beautiful dogs from the street and I have put them in families that take care of them, in Mexico we do not have the culture to adopt or to take care of the animals, since our rulers only Pick up to run them and sadness is a poor little animals

  3. Pius shaki. says:

    It is a good thing to take care of nature in general but dogs are special being mans best friend in animal kingdom, I like dogs and can perform duties of someone security in someone’s home compound it a worth course and be encourage this is to every body on planet earth let us give dogs the best care we can.

  4. JOrge vega says:

    muy buena obra

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