⚡⚡ Darcy’s Personal Video from Stan Lee’s “Comikaze Expo”! ⚡⚡

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having an amazing day. I wanted to share a blast from the past and show you my personal footage from Stan Lee’s #ComiKaze  Expo event in 2013.  I was there signing autographs at the Moviemaze booth. Moviemaze is an interactive phone app where you choose your own adventure that is really fun to play. You can make choices to progress the movie, however you want it to go! If you want to try it this fun app, you can download it here: I hope you have fun watching me and the rest of the cast on our outlandish adventures! 😉

The Interactive Moviemaze app got 4.5 star reviews out of 5! They said the acting was superb as well! LOL! Thank you to the rest of the cast, crew, producers and director who all did such an amazing job as well!

Here’s a video that I put together from the Moziemaze booth on my phone after the event.

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  1. In good time my DARCY, you are a super special person that is why we all want to be together with you requesting an autograph, well only those who are very lucky can ask you …

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