Thought for the Day:  “Improve yourself, but never change. Be someone better, but remain yourself. Forgive who hurt you, but don’t forget who loves you everyday. Forget the past that makes you cry and focus on the present that makes you smile.”

Here are some tips to help you be a little bit better every single day!

1: Do something for someone else.

Do a “three-minute favor” for someone. Three-minute favors are selfless giving acts, without asking for anything in return from the people
that you help. Examples of three-minute favors include: sharing your knowledge, making an introduction, or writing a positive review online for a business that you visited.

2: Stop working too hard to try and over-achieve.

We all have a tendency to lean towards working too much, losing our focus on what is important, and, ultimately, our joy in life. It’s the unhealthy feeling that if we don’t do something highly productive every day, we’ve somehow failed in life. Allow your perfectionism to take a break. Slow yourself down, and know that life is OK the way it is, right at this moment. Take the time to appreciate and focus on other, neglected priorities that bring you true joy.

3: Put yourself in another person’s shoes.

Caring and empathy are things you can grow, and it starts with relating to other people’s circumstances, working to understand their pains and frustrations, and knowing that those emotions are every bit as real to them as our own are to us. This helps you develop a deeper perspective, and opens you up to helping
those around you, which also enhances your own sense of gratitude.

4: Focus the attention on other people.

There’s something amazing that happens when we let other people have their glory. When we shine the spotlight on someone else and let that person be seen, heard, respected, and considered special–it will become enjoyable and give you a peaceful inner confidence.

5: Be the first to reconcile after an argument.

Many of us is to let resentment fester in our hearts after an argument or misunderstanding. Then we cut off the other person from our lives until he or she reaches out to us with an apology since we feel that it is justified. It’s easy to do this, but it’s also just plain silly. You can lose a friendship, a family relationship, or great connection at work because your ego has to have its way. Ask yourself this question, “Would I rather be right or happy.” Then, be the first to reach out to make amends, even if you’re the one that has to apologize first. That humble act of being the better man/woman will do wonders for your relationships; the other person will most likely soften, apologize in return, and allow you back into his or her life. And if they don’t, you can walk away with no regrets in the future. 




  1. Vickie says:

    I absolutely love this blog my dear. I do my best to give to others everyday because I know what it’s like to come from a broken home and not have much. I’d rather give than receive because that feeling is really rewarding. Whenever I’m out and about I’ll look at people as I pass by them. Someone may look fibe on the outside. but you really don’t know the battles they’re fighting on the inside. That is why I treat everyone I meet with kindness and respect. I know I hold some resentment towards those who did me wrong…seriously want to kick ass sometimes. As far as my ex best friend, I hope she’s happy. Don’t know why she did what she did but it doesn’t matter anymore. I have amazing friends in my life now and would give them the shirt off my back, that’s how much I care. What happened in the past isn’t important what you have in front of you right now is. 😊😊💝💝

  2. My DARCY always leaves me perplexed your beautiful and magnificent comments, I have learned from them to be more positive, I have always thought that I am positive but now I begin to doubt it, you know that I have a small army of helpless children to whom I dedicate myself in Body and soul, but I can not leave the work I do, since it gives me the pleasure of sharing, and well my DARCY I can not talk much about my private life, it bothers me a lot that they think I’m egolatro, I prefer to show my good side And humility I’m not interested in everyone thinking that it is simply a way of thanking the LORD for the benefits he has given me, my DARCY you always make me be more positive, THANK YOU, BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS !!!

  3. Christopher Bowers says:

    This is some good things you can do to help restore a better fulfillment of good in your life. Making effort to use little adjustments in your life to do more good and spread kindness is a better lifestyle. Because putting more good out in the world is a must. We need to turn the balance to allow more good things to happen. Too much negative and bad news is mentioned in news and media. They need to be more good things mentioned as well.

  4. My DARCY these are some incredible tips worthy of putting into practice, although I have always tried to be better following the saying that says how people are treated like you want to be treated, but we must always give more of ourselves to grow as beings without the Education that parents inherit to their children, I learned by myself to be respectful, to give thanks, to say good days / evenings / nights, to say hello how are you? how is your family? And I do big things (although I do not like to publish it) for those I see have a need but that does not make me a good person I think it’s a duty that touches each one and we have to meet, my DARCY you always open me The door of the mind to improve as a person. Thank you very much my DARCY…

  5. Valentine Oyedipe says:

    Thanks for sharing another wonderful recipe for personal development Darcy.Good morning to you over there!

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