Darcy Donavan “AFTER” the Dentist!

Hope you are having a FABULOUS DAY!
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  1. Mr DARCY you are so funny and I am happy to see all your nice videos, thank you my BABE !!!

  2. Casey Rhodes says:

    Did think the dentist is more busier after Halloween. Or I just had a thought..?.. Have you ever thought about this. On just about every major holiday we celebrate with some kind of candy or candies or sweets. Christmas = candy canes , Halloween all candy that can get to a bag from the neighborhood, Easter = jelly beans, Valentines Day the candies that says I LOVE YOUs on them ,you know the ones that someone gives you out love that your not sure you should eat it or save it so you don’t hurt the other person’s feelings.. I’m not sure what my point is , now.. I think I just felt like writing day..?. Oh yeah did you ever notice we go to dentist days or weeks after a Holiday? And do we really listen to our dentists? Is it only an American tradition to celebrate with candies and sweets. Wait I think the British and the English love their cake. I only know from watching Downton Abey..

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