😶Reveal to me your most embarrassing, ridiculous, or what was I thinking moment and I may feature you in my blog post. You tell me YOURS and I will tell you MINE in my blog :-) 😶

_r0d3817-done3         😊MY EMBARRASSING MOMENT😊

So one of my most embarrassing moments when I was around nine years of age.

I got this flyer at school about a cooking class and I really wanted to do it.🤗 My mom and enrolled me and I was really excited to go.

The thing was, no one from my school took the course, however, a lot of people from different schools were in there so I really didn’t know anybody.

I took the course for one week and was excited for all the knowledge that I learned about cooking and I was really excited about going back the second week.

All the other girls apparently knew each other in the class and kind of started hanging out together. They all kind of went to another part of the lady’s house to hang out ,who was doing the cooking lessons, and I just kind of sat there speaking to her till my mom came to pick me up.  We were in a really great conversation, when out of the blue I asked her,” So when’s your baby due.” She looked at me kind of shocked and said, ” I’m not pregnant.” At that point, I felt humiliated and I remember my cheeks flushing really bad and I wanted to crawl in a hole and die at that moment! I was so embarrassed!

After that, every time that I had to attend the rest of the cooking classes, miraculously I would  get sick or ill the day before so I couldn’t go. 😉 So I think my mom pretty much figured it out that something happened, she just couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to go. I was just glad that she didn’t push me to go though.

Well so many years LATER I was sitting with a friend and we were watching cable television. The interesting thing is that this lady was on a public access channel talking about her new book that came out that was a best-seller.

She looked a little familiar but I thought maybe I just seen her on television before. Then the host of the show started to  interview her on television and asked her what made her decide to write her sugar-free, low fat book.

She said she was a cooking class teacher and she had a student asked her at one point if she was pregnant and she wasn’t, and then she said from that point on she was determined more than ever to lose weight.

I almost fell out of my chair, because I realized that I was that kid that did said that to her. It was such an interesting and weird moment.

The comment that I made ,actually got her to be a best-selling cookbook author! But my embarrassing moment ,still to this day, had stuck with me.

So if you have an embarrassing, ridiculous, or what-was-I-thinking moment, please comment below and share with me all the details. I would love to hear it.

Who knows, you may be featured in my next blog🖒🖒🖒 🙂 🙂

Have a FABULOUS  day full of UN-EMBARRASSING moments! Hee-hee


  1. Christopher Bowers says:

    Okay first off wow, that is an interesting one! But the good thing is you helped change her life in a way, you didn’t know really you were just a kid.

    One of mine was when I was 7-8 I can’t remember the exact age. I had a pet named Tiger then he was one of those cats that had a bobbed tail. Well he was really smart and was really attached to me. He would even jump on my shoulders amd sit there. One day he was on my shoulder and I remember my cousin being there that day. I wae standing outside talking with him when my mom turned on the vacuum cleaner and in doing so really scarred Tiger making him turn scratching my cheek (3 big claw lines across it) the top of my shoulder and down my back. And needless to say I ended up having to go to school the very next day. It was so humiliating from what I remember especially when it was around lunchtime. I could see everyone staring at me as I walked up to get my tray and sit by myself trying to avoid people continuing to stare. It was pretty much the same way that whole week. Kept hearing so many rumors from others in my grade and even teachers. And to make things worse when Tiger scratched me, he never came back. He ran into the woods and ended up around my great grandmother’s place. He wouldn’t no longer stay at home. He’d continue to go back there. But also after that incident happened at school it didn’t get better until I started doing my impressions.

  2. Vickie says:

    Awww, I look at it this way. You changed her life for the better and made her successful. If you hadn’t said that she would have never wrote that book 😉 I had one incident when I was about the same age. My grandparents took me, my brother and cousin to a formal banquet held for the Knights of Columbus. Anyway, I had to use the bathroom before we all started eating. Was wearing a dress, pantyhose and all lol. So I come out of the bathroom and head towards the buffet area. Well a woman walked up behind me and told me my dress was tucked into my pantyhose. I wanted to die my butt was exposed for the whole world to see. I fixed myself and went back to my grandma crying… I lost my appetite after that

  3. MI DARCY I’ll tell you my most imbarrasing time I’ve had, when I was 17 years old had a very pretty girl with a small defect on one leg, so he limped a bit almost imperceptible and led ask to be my girlfriend, what she began to mourn and told me it was the last thing I would have thought someone would ask who took it as an offense, and well I got so red with shame, that even today feel sorry ask a girl be my girlfriend, I think anyone ever going to ask them to be my girlfriend …

  4. Dave Quick says:

    Wow, Darcy, it’s hard to pick out just one. I’ve had kind of a strange life. I suppose I’ll start with being in surgery in the hospital. I was partially waking up towards the end… I heard a nurse talking to someone and opened my eyes for just a second to see her. I asked her, “did I hear you say that your married?” She said, “yes I am”… to which I responded, “hmmm, pitty.” As I started drifting off to sleep again, I remember hearing the room erupt in laughter.

  5. Mi DARCY este momento embarazozo que me paso cuando tenia como nueve años de edad me hizo recapacitar y me da pena mostrarlo pero en confianza te lo digo, comosabes yo nunca tube padres que vieran por mi ni por mi educacion, un dia creo que apenas cumpli 8 años de edad y tenia dos o tres dias sin probar bocado y se me hizo facil entrar a una panaderia llamada la Vienesa y tome un par de biscochos y sali sin pagar y bueno todavia no terminaba el primero cuando llego la policia y me esposo brutalmente y me subio a la patrulla, pero el dueño de la panaderia generosamente solicito que me dejaran que en realidad un par de biscochos nop eran nada y bueno mi DARCY te juro que desde entonces jamas he tomado algo por el que no haya luchado por conseguir honorablemente, After many years just remembering it, even tears come out of my eyes

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