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smartselectgif_2016-09-11-15-07-41🔥🔥What’s “HOT”🔥🔥

Well as you all know I’m huge movie and television guru. Not only am I in film and television but I am an avid watcher and movie and television critic when it comes to my shows.

Here are some really great shows to watch and keep an eye out for:


Executive produced by rapper 50 Cent, this drama is about the life of married nightclub owner/major drug dealer James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) as he starts thinking of leaving his life of crime.

🤗Love this show it’s really great and  you get really involved with all the characters. Great cast!🖒


This show is a drama and is about Ray Donovan. Who is a “fixer” for Hollywood’s elite. He is the go-to guy that the city’s celebrities, athletes and business moguls call to make their problems disappear. It’s a much more lucrative job than his previous work as a ruthless South Boston thug, vaulting him within reach of the truly wealthy and powerful. But no amount of money or the expensive things it can buy can completely mask Ray’s past, a past that continues to haunt him with troubled brothers always calling and his father’s recent release from 20 years spent in prison. Now a free man, Ray’s father, Mickey, arrives in Los Angeles to get what he feels is rightfully his. Mickey’s desire to reconnect and settle old scores with his family — including Ray’s wife and kids, who have never met the family’s patriarch and are anxious to get to know him — threatens to destroy everything Ray has built for himself.

This show is really intense and it gets better and better each week and no Ray Donovan is not related to me !LOL LOL I wish he was  then nobody would mess with me. Lol lol Ray Donovan’s character is someone who you really have a liking to and this is one show I definitely would highly recommend to watch.

📺📺📺 I would love to know what some of your favorite T.V. shows are too! Comment below and share them with me! 📺📺📺


  1. My DARCY is good to know the preamble of some shows, and good in my country do not go good programs, so I prefer to read a book, the newspaper and sometimes rigged TV news

    1. DarcysDaily says:

      Hope you having an amazing day! Thank you for supporting my blog and I hope you enjoy my other posts as well 😆😆😆😆

  2. Salut Darcy …Pour te répondre ,moi mes films préférés sont les biographies … ” The blow” par exemple …Super/ Blow est un film américain réalisé par Ted Demme, sorti en 2001. Ce film s’inspire de la vie de George Jung, trafiquant de drogue et acteur majeur dans l’importation de cocaïne aux États-Unis dans les années 1970-1980.Amicalement Alexis

  3. Pulounii says:

    Darcy you are beautiful with hot no one can compare you, you are the best, you have really inspire hundreds and thousands of people’s. And am sure that every one will love you, and I love you….

    1. DarcysDaily says:

      Thank you for your sweet comment. There is so much negative in the world and I always try to bring light, joy and happiness to the hwarts of others. 😇😇😇❤❤❤😆😆😆 I hope you have a blessed week.

  4. REGGIE-LAMAR says:

    Power is a great show. I love all the characters. It’s a very Hot Show. And of course you’re Hot.

    1. DarcysDaily says:

      Awwww, thank you for the compliment. 😆😆😆😘😘 I agree about the show Power. The characters have great development and the story is amazing.

  5. Vladimir Brhel says:

    You’re hot inner & outer Darcy, either soul & body.
    I’m happy being your Twitter friend. May luv be with you… Vlad 😉

  6. Katy schooner says:

    Not anything hot other than you since your awesome and love is the most prettiest and hottest one 🙂

  7. Valentine Oyedipe says:

    I’m not too keen to watching movies per se, but that does not mean I don’ t watch movies at all. I love reality shows; read books on metaphysics ,ancient and classical events/ history, WWE shows.Albiet,some of these books have acted as movies.

  8. JOrge vega says:

    tu no necesitas tu eres tan hermosa que irradias hermosura pasión amor y mas

  9. Pius shaki. says:

    You are just good at what you set your eyes on amazing ,wonderful I like that.

  10. James Buchner UE says:

    i love Hawaii Five O , Blue Bloods , Trailer Park Boys, Survivor , Chicago Fire, PD, And Justice .

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