🏡DARCY’S DAILY TIP🏡  Clean up your (Cleaning Act)

🏡DARCY’S DAILY TIP🏡  Clean up your (Cleaning Act)

Here are 4 ways to keep supplies from becoming a huge mess! So here’s how to clean up your cleaning act 🙂 🙂 🏡

1. Keep frequently used cleaners ready on a rotating Lazy Susan (particularly if products are stored in a cramped cabinet.)

2. Don’t allow sponges, rags, or brushes to leave germy puddles around your kitchen sink. Put the sponge in a suction cup holder on one wall of the sink, and let your other tools dry and wire basket on hooks, tacked inside a cabinet door underneath.

DARCY QUICK TIP: I also take my sponges and put them in the microwave  for 30 to 60 seconds every other day to kill any germs that are on my sponges. It really helps kill all the bacteria on it.😉😉😙

3. If your broom, mop, Swiffer and dustpan are in a big mess, try this trick:

Mount  hooks on a convenient ( out of the way) wall so the items will be off the floor but easy to grab.

4. Store potentially messy containers (like  boxes of powders) or large bottles of liquid cleaners (like laundry detergent or bleach )on cookie sheets to stop unwanted drips and spills.

Hope these tips get your cleaning action  butt in shape. 😉😉🤗🤗Have a terrific and sparkly clean day😚😚 🙂 🙂


  1. Ohhh My DARCY is an excellent tip for that if I am very messy because I always leave all these utenciliios scattered everywhere but, well I’ll take your advice to the letter … Thanks for your TIP MY QUEEN!!!!

  2. Christopher Bowers says:

    Clever with the microwaving of sponges. That is a useful tip. Funny thing I used instead of cookie sheets is I got my cleaning products in a cat litter box that had never been used. It helps and is easy to wash out if anything does drip out.

  3. Paul Harast says:

    Poor baby

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