The Scholastic Hoops Jam Celebrity Event

A few years ago, I was invited to attend the Scholastic Hoops Jam. It was a very fun event. Many celebrities attended to support the important cause of education among student athletes. We got to sit on the side lines, and watch all the entertainers Darcy & Brian Krauseand top student athletes from every school in southern California play basketball. Some of the other celebrities that were present were, Brian Krause (From the movie “Sleepwalkers” and “Return to the Blue Lagoon”), Maddy Curley (from “Stick It”) and the famous Music Producer Q-luso (Who has worked with Dr. Dre and Ludacris). 

 Above is a picture of my publicist Dan and my business manager along with Brian Krause and I enjoying the event.

 I was invited to help coach the fabulous “Hooptainers” basketball show team, and even though they were amazing they Darcy and the hooptainersreally did not need too much help. I met some  great players, Ice, Black, Lil Snoop and my good friend J Boogie.

Besides all the great celebrity entertainment, there were students from schools all over the area playing at this event.  Slam dunks and three pointers were everywhere. Such talent!!  Later on, we had a dinner and reception for the students in the game. I have to tell you, these are some very intelligent young athletes. I gave a speech and I was very awestruck by a speech that one of the students gave. It was an amazing speech on how to overcome hardships in your life.

The promoters, Warehouse Shoe Sale and Adidas, are doing a wonderful job supporting this very important cause. Good students, good grades and great basketball!! I give everyone involved lots of Kudos.

We were later invited by the Mayor of Los Angeles to watch the Clipper game from his Exclusive Sky Box. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!

Both the Mayor and his assistant were very nice, and we all had a really great time. It was so awesome to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. This is definitely an event that I would attend year after year. To the promoters, students, staff, and celebs, ” Keep up the Great Work!!!”


  1. My DARCY impresses me and makes me happy your lifestyle, you’re simply a wonderful and incredible person, from the bottom of my heart I love you so much !!!

  2. pius shaki says:

    Good to give encouragement especially where Young people are concerned. This gives them courage to perform better and when talents are developed in an early age we expecte nothing but good performance .thanks Darcy keep up doing that good work.,God bless

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