🌊🌊 The Ice Bucket Challenge 🌊🌊

Hi Everyone;)

I wanted to share the story behindΒ my Ice bucket challenge with you all. When I had decided to do the Ice bucket challenge, I was working on a television project so I couldn’t do it right away.

When the time came for me to do the challenge, I wanted to go above and beyond since there were already so many videos out there. In this video, I had a total of 6 buckets of ice water poured on me and I got sprayed with the hose and then one more unexpected special bonus that even I did not see coming at the end. LOL.Β All I have to say is that this water was FREEZING! I had instant brain freeze as if I had chugged 20 slurppies all at once. It was shocking.

I hopeΒ you can see what a good sport I tried to be during the whole thing. I was really grateful and happy that I could help spread the word out there for ALS. I had done some modeling in my past and I think it helped, since it can get cold outside and as a model you need to pretend that the weather is perfect at all times no matter what. πŸ˜‰

After having so much cold water dumped on me, I went inside and took the hottest shower ever. LOL! After that you could call me “Fraulein Fahrenheit” LOL! I suppose it would be unsafe to do a video where they pour buckets of really hot water on people, even though I would be really good at it. LOL LOL!

Hope you enjoy the Video!

P.S. – Even though the Ice bucket challenge is over, you should still donate to find a cure for Lou Gehrigs disease!


Darcy Β πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦





  2. Howard Kazuska says:

    Holy Moly. The water did not look very clean – did the guys get the water from Rio!
    You should auction off the clothes – love the baseball ball cap.

  3. My DARCY making that video, but we all thought it was funny if it was very dangerous for the consequences that could have brought, as a cold or worse, my DARCY is best not to expose themselves, take care much… I love you so much…

  4. Christopher Bowers says:

    That was so much fun when you first did that video you really did go above and beyond with it! I remember you saying too that you felt so numb too. That waa such a great cause and glad you did go through it. And yes they think modeling is easy but the weather can be brutal at times. A lot have gotten pneumonia because of having to photoshoot in very cold temperatures. Just hope you keep stuff to warm up fast on standby when you do photoshoots in the future.

  5. Pius shaki. says:

    Wet in the cold how did you take it! Just fun run sit near a fire place .interesting Goodmorning Honey.

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