My Favorite Horror Movie! :o :o :o

My favorite horror movie of all time is: JAWS! (It still scares the crap out of me to this day! LOL! ) When I hear that scary music as well, I immediately tense up…lol

When I was a young teenager, there were several times when my mom had to work late so I would be home all by myself. I would order a pizza and have them deliver it and sit down and curl up in a blanket  and watch 2 or 3 movies on cable. Man I was a happy camper;) hee hee

Looking back now some of them were extremely scary and what the heck was I thinking.  I remember the movie ,” The Exorcist”, and after watching that movie, I literally climbed under the bed and fell asleep till my mom came home because I was so scared. lol ol

And of course JAWS. The idea of a shark like that in the water was absolutely terrifying and I thought about it every time I would go swimming in the ocean and even in a lake I would be nervous…LOL LOL Even when I go scuba diving, I still keep my eyes open for “JAWS”.  (Just in case) LOL! (Yeah I know) lol lol

Well I would LOVE to hear about YOUR  favorite horror movie! Comment below and let me know what was your favorite is;):):)

Sweet Dreams…..LOL

Big hugs:)


And how was ur Thanksgiving? 😉

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  1. Bill stalter says:

    I mostly I never had a movie scared me in anyway I must be strange Darcey I’m glad you found one that did my college roommate was terrified to go in Lake Michigan after jaws came out

  2. Vickie says:

    I can relate when I first saw JAWS it scared the crap out of me and don’t get me started on The Exorcist lol After I watched that I would not sleep in my bed. I camped out in the living room for a week lol I think my all time favorite horror film would have to be Halloween love Jamie Lee Curtis. Also, I’m a big Stephen King fan. The movie IT still scares me, not fond of clowns at all! Lol

  3. Cyrus says:

    I would not watch the exorcism. Very scary 😎

  4. Well my DARCY I am very fond of terror and if they are the only movies I see, I do charm “Birds” by Alfred Hickok and “Christine” by Stephen King (of he I have a good collection of his books) but also I like movies about vampires and zombies, I never dream neither good and beautiful things, lol

  5. Christopher Bowers says:

    So many classics, Jaws was one of mine I remember watching as a kid growing up. My uncle watched the original version of The Exorcist in theaters and couldn’t sleep for a week. Said it was so much worse because they changed some things when they released it on vhs back then. They ended up releasing that original version on dvd and he wouldn’t watch it again. Some others that bothered me when first watching was, The Ring, The Grudge, Twister (I hate tornadoes especially those creepy black looking ones), and Pet Scementary (close enough to how its spelled lol). But yeah I used to watch a lot of the slasher movies and like some of those. Most were incredibly cheesy though haha.

  6. My DARCY when ere a boy I learned not to be afraid, since I lived in the street with other companions and we had to defend ourselves as it was possible, but I love the horror films

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