My Corvette


I used to have a Corvette that I absolutely adored. It was a 2 door black corvette convertible. It was always so much fun turning it on revving the engine and hearing the car roar.

Driving around in my Vette always made me so happy. It had really great pickup and it was so incredible switching gears and taking it out on the highway and up the Pacific Coast.

I adored that car and I know that there is no car that I would ever love better than my Corvette. I would hand wash it and wax it and make sure that it was always clean. Even if I could have a Aston Martin, Ferrari or Lamborghini, I don’t think I would have traded my good ole’ Vette for them.

Cars are a lot like good friends in some ways. They are there when you need them, reliable  and they help you get to places that you need to go. They will be there in the sun and through the rain and snow. If you take care of them, they will take care of you.

What do you think, if you could own any car, which car would it be? 🚙🚙🚙🚙


DARCY <3 🚙 <3


  1. David Konyk says:

    That’s cool, I like corvettes too. Who inspired you to by a corvette in the first place?

  2. David Konyk says:

    Love the Aston Martin Vulcan, I am going to buy a model kit or radio control car kit. P.S. I run a hobby shop online, on ebay.

  3. Geny Rojas says:

    ! Darcy My Dear Angel I Know We’ve to Much in Common !!!…l Always I Say to Myself The Same If GOD Give Me Some Day Money !!!… The Only Car I’ll Buy Will be Chevy CORVETTE !!!…Always I Say to You If GOD Give Me The Blessing Day to Married !!!…a Woman Always I’ll Ask Him to Give Me an Angel Like You Darcy !!!…

  4. Edward Mattiaccio says:

    I love my 1988 Corvette!

  5. Vickie says:

    I love your Vette! I had a 1988 Mustang it was black with a metallic flake finish, V6 engine that baby roared! I loved that car! I felt so cool in it…would love another one even if it were one of the newer models I’d take it lol

    1. DarcysDaily says:

      The new Mustangs are really nice, but I love my Corvettes. 😎😎😎😎😎

      I know it will work out to where you get a Mustang again. Just keep manifesting it and it will happen, trust me. 😉😉😉😆😆😆😆

      1. Vickie says:

        I love Corvettes too, dont get me wrong, would drive one in a heart beat! Truth be told I’ve always wanted one but never had the dough lol I’ll take your word for it Darcy and manifest! 😀😀😀🤘🤘

  6. Well since I stop driving my Harley, I’ve had some good very nice cars, a Mustang, a Mercedes Benz, Impala, and now I have 2 Malibu fascinates me to handle and I’m happy when I go to road, really have an amazing engine …

  7. Paul Harast says:

    69 Buick Wildcat silver and white interior 4 door, it was my father’s car and I received it after he passed away and if I ever win the lottery I’ll have them build me another one just like it

  8. Joseph R DeRosa says:

    That is almost as Beautiful as you! !!!

  9. Pius shaki. says:

    Good and all in good taste for something you love it becomes enjoyable driving.

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