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Things you may not know about Darcy

(Top Fan Questions Answered)

What do you look for in a guy?

I really do like all types of men. What is really important to me is the personality. That is VERY important feature of a guy. I am a very romantic and affectionate person so I would want someone who is like that as well. I am a southern belle so being a gentlemen certainly goes A LONG way in my book. Opening doors, taking me to dinner and saying, Yes ma’am, to me when a man has manners that is such a major turn-on. I LOVE when someone smells good. OH! and I love minty fresh breath and a great kisser:;)  Don’t forget to brush before our date. 😉

Your favorite secret pastime.

Don’t tell anyone but as a little girl I enjoyed doing impressions and I wanted to be a comedian. I would imitate popular commercials and television shows. So, if you ever catch me on the spot, have me do my best “Julia Child” for ya or tell you one of my countless jokes that my friends are sick of hearing. 😉

Your Past Accomplishments

I was featured on the cover and interviewed in a book called “Dream Reachers” , alongside such names as Clint Eastwood, Tanya Tucker , Jane Russell and The Kennedy’s. You can buy it on Amazon, it is a great and inspiring read on all the hardships myself and other celebrities had to endure on their way to becoming successful. Also you should check out my new album on Itunes, when you download the album or you purchase any merchandise on  on  everything I sell half of it goes to a charities I support.

What would you like to say to the women readers out there?

I’ve learned that even in a group of women, each woman in their own skin can be the most beautiful in her own right. What I mean by that is that I have talked to many guys and each guy usually likes a different type of girl. Some guys like blondes like me, others like redheads or brunettes, some guys like athletic girls, some like really skinny girls and some like curvy women. Some men love butts and small boobs, etc. you get the idea. Lol So it’s really a matter of taste. I have been around some women who are not Hollywood thin and after hanging out with them they become drop dead gorgeous with their personality, and some beautiful woman that you are with them for a half an hour and it’s like fart in church if you know what I mean. LOL Anyway, every woman has something special to offer, as far as I am concerned a woman does not have to be Hollywood pencil thin to be hot. That to me, honestly, in my opinion is not very attractive, but hey some guys really like that so God Bless Them. I am however from the South and we love to eat so lets bring back the curvy look so when you go on a date and it gets serious ya got something to hold on too people. 😉

What is your favorite food?

Hey I am NOT prejudice when it comes to food .lol  I LOVE all food. As for me, I tend to fall in love with a food and then eat it constantly until I am sick of it, then I can’t eat it for awhile. 😉

What do you love about what you do.

I love helping people and children. The fact that what I do allows for me to give to charities is amazing. Trust me, I love to sing, perform, act, and be an entrepreneur but as my Grandpa always said, “There are no luggage racks in a hearse”. People should focus on their legacies then how many cars, homes or money they have. What they have done to make the world a better place while they were in it. I love helping people in need and knowing I was a small part in making something better in the world is beautiful to me. I was just made an International Ambassador of Peace, from the country of Dubai. It was such an honor. I am an advocate for Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Programs, Several Animal Charities and I am working on a National School Tour to give back to the Art and Music programs that have been cut in Public Schools across the nation. It is very important to me that these children get to be able to express themselves in these much needed programs so that they may grow to be well rounded individuals.

What do you want to say to your fans?

Thank you for supporting me. I am grateful to fans like you for believing in me and for your support. I couldn’t have done it with out your help. Just know that you make a difference in this world and you are a special and important part of it. Keep doing your best!!


  1. km Duot Chol says:

    Great keep doing it,you are an effective person i like your way of always advice people,you are a great wamon.Thank you.

  2. Tim says:

    A classic smile! You have the prettiest smile!

  3. Steven Kamensky says:

    Darcy you truly are a person of passion,persistence, honesty, giving,caring and amazing person. Your posts and motivation is uncreatable and consistent. You truly are a example of a person to model there self after. You ate a blessings to me and all your fans. Thank you

  4. Salut …Je n’ai pas forcement de genre ciblé pour une femme …Moi ce que j’aime chez une femme c’est l’énergie qu’elle diffuse . Tout simplement et sans en faire d Bla Bla Simple et dynamique c’est ce qu’il y a de plus important pour moi le reste c’est du superflu …Amicalement Alexis Bisous

  5. Scott Dryet says:

    I just like to say I really think Darcy is my idea of the perfect women. She is gorgeous and so much fun. I really had a great time just briefly interacting with her on her live FB post. So if I could have that much fun like that, I could imagine how much fun it would be to be friends and hanging out with her. Thank you for being you Darcy love you girl your best

  6. Abubakar Mohammed says:

    Darcy, you are great young woman.You have a great impressive visions.

  7. James Lambert says:

    Hey Darling, you are a very beautiful heart and soul. Watching you and reading your posts make want to meet you. I really think we could connect , we have so much common . I am not famous ,can’t sing but I will dance. I am up late could not sleep , having a group of hunters coming in the morning. Some reason they think I can find them game. Lol I think its the brisket I feed them. But they keep coming back every your. I do love animals especially my little Willie ,he weights 125. Well it’s after 2:00 better try to go to sleep, at lease I have you on my mind. See you in movies , that something me and my old friends use to say. But you are really!!! See you day in this life or the next.

  8. My Darcy You have a splendid view of the world and define very well the tastes of each person, although I think we agree on several things, you are a person of the world and that’s great, I love you and good I appreciate your beautiful friendship …

  9. Mike Ciciretti says:

    Your Beautiful Smile and Enthusiasm are such an encouragement to me. Keep on Keepin’ On!, Luv ya, Mike

    1. DarcysDaily says:

      Thank you sooooo much for your sweet comment and I hope you keep going out and inspiring others as well… 😉😉😉😉

  10. Christopher Bowers says:

    To answer your question Darcy, some things about me that you don’t know about is a few funny and interesting things:

    1) When I was a kid me and a few of my cousins got attacked by a rooster. It ended up spurring one of my cousins as they were being chased. I managed to get in a vehicle before it got me. It was jumping and pecking and scratching the window.

    2) A weird one is I actually enjoy grocery shopping. I don’t know why exactly but it’s just a calming thing for me for some reason. Basically any kind of shopping is fine but grocery shopping has been the most peaceful one.

    3) I like you got a fear of heights. I had two bad experiences both being on theme park rides. I don’t know if you ever been to Ghosttown or not. But back then they har lifts that would take you there to that place. The lifts looked similar to ski lifts. Well when I rode in it on the way up it kept bouncing up and down the whole time. Then they stopped it halfway up, it was like a 25-35ft drop. And the lift was rocking so much. Really was scared it was going to snap off the line or something. Another time was I too was on a high dive and looker down from the top. I froze and couldn’t do it. I was in elementary school then and couldn’t jump and other kids were on the ladder too waiting to jump and I just had to tell them if they could go back down so I could climb down myself which I did . It was just too high of a fall to risk it. 15ft. High dive.

  11. Wowww My DARCY I have nothing interesting to say about me, yet my childhood I have some anecdotes and hopefully this will prove something interesting: my first job that I received some money, he was assistant cook, and the cook I urge to start studying because I said that if he could read and write and do math, could take up a post as a waiter in which could make more money with tips, well I enrolled in night school and I think it was a bad student, as always my grades were 8 and nine (ten is only for teachers) lol, but at school had a teacher who care for my learning and told me not to leave my studies, with a good academic level ever would have more opportunities to get ahead in the end that’s something I have very good memories but only stay in that in anecdote .. my DARCY is something that few people know of my life and I share almost anyone. BUT I can say that your smile really kilme? so BEAUTIFUL!!!

  12. Valentine Oyedipe says:

    Nice! Wonderful and great mind.

  13. Pius shaki. says:

    Nice and good views being great and humble is the greattest thing in life a joyfully thing in life .

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